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Trikotomy is a real 'murrican now

So yeah, I went and bought a gun.


Inspired by yet another coworker's story of getting chased through the woods at midnight by yet another creepy truck, I remembered that was a thing I was going to do. Also THREE gun stores have opened on my street alone and we can't allow a missile gap, Mr. President. Fortunately the newer ones are only sorta nutty, instead of full-on, "let me tell you about my bitch ex-wife ARE YOU A NARC?!" paranoid nutty, as the one directly neighboring my apt.

This is the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in .40 caliber. I spent many days researching a reliable manufacturer and model, and am now SUCH AN ELITE SNIPER AT GUN-FU it took me only 20 minutes of fiddling with it and several bruised fingers to unlock the slide for the first time. I also marked it with red nail polish to indicate when the safety is off, because I won't possibly tell otherwise. I don't actually own any ammo yet (a subject for many more days of research), nor have I tried shooting it, nor is there a place to legally do so within less than an hour's drive from here. That spent shell casing came with the box in a signed envelope, to prove that it can fire at least one round I suppose.

I also can't legally carry it anywhere in California as of 2012 (after the local Open Carry Movement decided to show up as an armed mob everywhere and freak people out, thanks guys), since permits are tied to the county in which you live and I am told my county does not approve them. So it basically has to stay inside, where it doesn't really help much for the scenario for which I bought it. Then again my residence is neighbored on all sides by tweakers, the violently insane, and people under questioning by detectives in relation to murder (also I don't know what's going on with the newer neighbors but squad cars sure like pulling up their door over and over) so, y'know, that's good. I'd probably feel a lot better if my roommate would stop zeroing in on these people to invite inside like the worst judge of character in human history since Eva Braun, but that's a topic for another day!