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Who remembers these books?

So, a loooong time ago when I was a kid (back when Waldenbooks was still a company in the local mall) I read a couple of colorful Halloween pop-up books (although they only actually popped-up on the final page). And it's such a small thing, but it's driving me crazy trying to find any reference to their existence on the internet. I'm sure they're long out of print, since they were kind of hardcore by today's standards. (Seeing as we've "updated" the classic Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series by taking out all the awesomely terrifying art of Stephen Gammell - lest children reading scary stories feel... scared.)

They're hard to remember... In the first, the reader is narrated at (in rhyme?) through several pages traveling a generic spooky countryside (with a spooky forest and I think a pumpkin patch, a river, and probably a graveyard and all that jazz). There's a black cat wandering around somewhere in every scene... slowly becoming obvious that you're actually following the cat, until finally arriving at a decrepit windmill. The next page is inside the windmill, and then in a room at the top of the stairs featuring a skeleton cloaked in rags sitting in a chair (the windmill keeper), welcoming the cat jumping into its lap with narration saying he will "thank you for bringing..." (next page) "HIS PUSSYCAT HOME!" And the ending is a full-page pop up of the cat ferociously leaping at the reader stomach-first, which has been ripped open; its organs hanging out of its exposed belly drawn in incredibly gory detail - because it was really a zombie cat the whole time.

The second book follows a teenage boy and girl through various scenes in a haunted house. I can't describe the boy - but the girl has straight blond hair and is wearing a pink (?) striped sweater and a poof-ball cap. In the last four pages she notices her skin turning green, but the boy continues walking infront of her, oblivious. On the next page she is shivering and staring worriedly at her finger growing into long, green claws while her body is lengthening and stretching past her clothes. On the third she is now a lanky, green, hunched over goblin-like monster, tapping the now shorter boy on the shoulder from behind. And on the final pop-up page, she spreads her massive clawed hands to either side of the book with a huge, fanged, open-mouthed grin (still wearing the hat and sweater and all), bearing down on his terrified body.

Ring any bells for anyone?



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Apr. 24th, 2015 12:13 pm (UTC)
Never seen this but I wish I had! Sounds glorious :O
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