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So, I dreamt I was in a franchise of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (because that's what I was doing on YouTube just before falling asleep). And I was carrying a cheap, pastel-colored revolver on me because I was expecting to get murdered, buuuut it was daytime so I mostly just passed the time eating pizza and helping deformed, squealing, limbless children cheat at Liquid Skeeball to win tickets and receive horrible animatronic plushies. As well as a showing a girl dressed in a Chica chicken costume how to shoot pastel revolvers in the middle of the lobby for no good reason.

Suddenly the dream finds itself a plot, so I stop existing and am playing the girl instead. She sneaks out the back door of the kitchen to see that Freddy's is being used as the cafeteria for a disheveled SCP Foundation monitoring site (because that is ALSO what I was doing on YouTube just before falling asleep) built around an equally disheveled block of semi-rural town. The dying town is a hotbed of anomalous activity of which little Chica - and all the other freakish children - are apparently a part and not permitted to leave. The site is built onto a slope overlooking The Wasteland; a decaying part of town and the wilds beyond, strewn with discarded haunted objects and ruins cordoned off by terraces and layers of security fences to keep some things in and... other things out. The bottom section of the compound itself now sits within The Wasteland and is no longer safe to occupy.

Little Chica decides to escape this place. She finds a little blue key and uses it on a restroom door... and out of the resulting extradimensional space strolls SCP-860-2 - the big purple wolf/cat/pony/lizard thing. She wants to get out, and it wants the key removed from SCP custody, so they pair up together to escape the compound. They sneak around the guard barracks and climb down the terrace levels, held in place by a mazelike cluster of rotting wooden pylons hiding deadfalls and other hazards. Vintage armoires and other pieces of broken furniture lie in piles around them, which leak a thick black liquid when disturbed, and it is deemed unsafe to investigate them.

Dusk approaches, and the pair creeps past the old barracks, which were converted from a gothic tenement building and surrounded by excessively stabbby-looking black iron gates. They were abandoned by personnel when The Wasteland overtook them, and other things live there now. On a balcony over the dreary yard of cracked concrete sits an old chair, and 860-2 tells little Chica that an invisible, dead old man is sitting there watching them, and they have to move faster before nightfall. Surely enough, as the last rays on sunlight fall behind the building its shutters and doors spread open and the people of The Wasteland scramble after them as they dash for the fence line. 860-2 tells little Chica to hang on tightly to its back, and it parkours between the walls of an alleyway and leaps over the first two fences, then climbs to the top of the last and tallest and flips over its razorwire barrier. They cross through the copse of trees and over the train tracks on the other side, temporarily safe.

However, they are still caught in the unreality of The Wasteland, which stretches off over barren fields in every visible direction - and at night which is worse. They encounter a distraught mother wandering up the tracks and searching for her missing boys, and little Chica wants to help her look. But 860-2 asks the mother questions about her sons and her answers are repetitive and nonsensical, her movements becoming increasingly jerky and more bizarre as they go on, and it is decided that she is some sort of cannibal goblin-hag and not to be followed. They walk the train tracks in the opposite direction, occasionally interrupted by passing freight cars. After awhile the tracks become nonsensical - crossing and weaving in on each other, finally ceasing to be parallel pairs and spiraling off independently until the characters find themselves crossing a field of tangled iron. Train cars appear from all directions now, derailing and crashing into each other but continuing to come from somewhere in the night. Little Chica thanks 860-2 for having helped her but recognizes that there is probably no escaping The Wasteland - and its not as if she has any home outside anyway. 860-2 thanks her for helping it in return, and tells her to use the blue key on one of the abandoned cabinets. It opens to the extradimensional forest of its home, and it tells her they can go and live there together. The end.