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The terrible secret of the egg

So, I dreamt there was a tribe of rabbits a la Watership Down. And Easter Sunday was a really dark time for them because they lived in a place where rabbits were habitually trapped and hunted. Every year one of them was chosen to sacrifice themselves by distributing eggs and candy to the humans who would inevitably kill them. They had based this tradition on a tragically false myth that the humans were angry because once on this day, long ago, a rabbit had stolen a precious (presumably egg-based) treasure from them. So the rabbits try and fail every Easter to appease them with gifts, but no sacrifice has ever been good enough to match the splendor of what was stolen. The dream followed a rabbit named Elijah, who was this year's Easter Bunny, who instead of giving gifts went off on a DnD-style quest into the farthest reaches of the burrows in search of the humans' lost treasure to end their curse. But unfortunately the dream didn't get any further before waking up. End...?